Monday, February 15, 2016

Not Visible from the Outside

“ virtue is dark and not visible from the outside.” —Ho-shang Kung

There is goodness in the heat and the light of day, although it is limited. And “it” could refer to goodness, heat, light, day, or all of the above. Which of these, in fact, is infinite? None, near as anyone can tell. But then, much is unknown and the world is full of surprises.

What can be seen are a few old houses scattered beneath a stony, barren hill. People, a bus, a sky full of limitless possibilities. The blue overwhelms as everything overwhelms.

In the end, so much is hidden. So much is obscured by shadows or men staring in the wrong direction. Women, too, though they might be looking elsewhere. Not that sex plays a role here, it's just wise to cover all the proverbial bases. Second base, in particular, appears to need attention.

A steady rain might help. Water often solves problems. It is the solution, with life swimming in it, dissolving barren hills bearing buses.

That was too much. It overwhelmed, like something blue. Like water.

But is water really blue? In certain light, it appears that way. But the depths of the ocean are dark and not visible from the outside. Is there virtue in this?

There are even barren hills beneath the ocean surface. Heck, there might be buses. Have you checked?

Everything ends up blue. Life is a I-IV-V progression, experienced mainly in seventh and sometimes ninth chords. Sometimes it swings, other times it moves slowly, like a dirge. In front of that backdrop a melody plays, like men on a ball field in front of a barren hill.

But maybe you only see people and miss their melody, miss their virtue, dark and not visible from the outside.

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