Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wild Ride

Who was it said anytime you have more than two people there's politics involved was right you know the way it is the way it was the way it always will be just how humans work and it's all so complicated because we're complicated creatures like rabbits only bigger and weirder and we make no sense hard enough when it's just one of us but get a few of us together or millions or billions and the planet creaks from our collective weight we don't know what we're doing even though we've been here for thousands of years and our ancestors before that depending on which books you consult or which experts you believe if you're more into science or religion or dividing everything into those two categories or other categories of your own invention like a system a series of systems the way everything is streets become towns become states become nations become continents become planets revolving around a star that's part of a galaxy in the universe or possibly one of many universes that somehow came into existence and are spinning around an invisible spot at the center as we cling for dear life on this wild ride through time and space always spinning till the end but there is no end because then we are dust still spinning atoms and molecules rearranged into other objects make their way around whatever this is spinning immortal as far as anyone knows not that anyone ever will because such knowledge is unattainable the human mind is so much smaller than the universe heads would explode or implode or otherwise be rendered unusable which is a problem if that head is attached to your body and you're trying to survive the ride if only for a little while that's over too soon.

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